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Sizes available DL, A6, A5, A4, SQ, 105mm x 105mm, 148mm x 148mm, 210mm x 210mm, 

Our brochure printing services can expertly showcase your products and services. Printed on the highest quality paper, our brochures come in several binding options – from Perfect bound, casebound, wire-bound to stapled. Simply upload your design, or get us to create & design premium marketing booklets in no time. 

Like stationery and cards, booklets and brochures are usually read at no more than arm's length. This means that the size of type, line length and illustrations are governed by what can be seen comfortably at that distance. Brochures and booklets differ from stationery and cards, however, in that they are made up of a number of pages, all of the same size. Even though the pages inside may carry different types of information, each one cannot be designed entirely separately-they must be designed around a common system, so that when all the pages are assembled together a sense of unity exists. The cover is the first part of your brochure or booklet that the potential reader will see and, as such, is fulfilling a similar role to that of a poster. The function of the cover is to attract attention. Therefore the information it contains
must be considered in a very different way from the information included inside the publication. The cover must be sufficiently engaging to interest people and to prompt them to pick it up and look through it.

We can provide you with glossy full colour booklets and brochures printed using high quality 130gsm or 150gsm paper. A4 & A5 booklets and brochures are available with 8 to 64 pages - including the cover. If you would like a heavier 300gsm cover we can also arrange this for you.
Our booklet and brochure printing is suitable for all promotional and business requirements. Many of our customers order booklets and brochures for all kinds of promotions such as; product brochures, sales booklets, newsletters, and company magazines.