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Which are the cheapest business cards that you sell?

 Our Standard are our most affordable range, starting from only £15.00 +vat for 250 single sided cards or double sided at no extra cost. They are produced on 450gsm silk card, and are a great budget-friendly option.

If I need my business cards urgently, when do I need to order to receive them the next day? 

Most of our business cards can be ordered up until 5pm weekdays in order to qualify for our 3 to 4 working days delivery. We also offer a 2 day service which means that you can order up until 12.00pm on weekdays for our 2 day delivery for a small extra cost. Need it faster? Same day printing is available on our 350gsm Silk and 400gsm Matt Laminated Business Cards! Simply order before 11am, and we will print your Business Cards that day and send on a next day courier service.


What size are your business cards?

The standard size for business cards in the UK is 85mm x 55mm. However, we also offer a wide range of different shapes and sizes for those who are looking to create something a bit different. Our alternative sizes include SQ 55mm x 55mm, 85mm x 25mm and 89mm x 51mm. Folded Business or Appointment Cards also available.

What are Spot UV business cards?

Creating Spot UV business cards involves applying a clear and laminated coating to a specific area or areas of your artwork. This results in an eye-catching sheen which contrasts against the other textures, making it a luxury choice. It creates a unique tactile and visual effect, which clearly sets it apart from all other cards on the market.

Do you offer bespoke business cards?

Yes, we can help you with bespoke card options, such as different cuts, paper stocks and more. Please email your specifications to and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss it further.

Can I design my own business cards?

Absolutely, please email your specifications to and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss it further.

Do you offer foiled or embossed business cards?

Yes we do, please email your specifications to and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss it further.

We also offer 450gsm Soft Touch cards which have an astonishingly velvet finish. This card exudes class and sophistication, and is a must have for premium businesses. Some things have to be felt to be believed.

Can you design my business cards for me?

Certainly, we have a team of specialist in-house designers who would be more than happy to help. The price of our business card design service starts from £35.00.

Single sided cards or £40 Double sided. For more information please give us a call on 01323 470521 or email

What does set off mean?

Set off is when colour from your print job is transferred to another part of the job, leaving ink marks.

What is coated paper? 

Paper that is made with a coating, such as gloss or silk, which makes the paper appear shinier. A silk coating feels smooth to the touch and has a gentle shine, ideal for displaying colourful images. A gloss coating has a stronger shine and smoother finish, and display colours vibrantly.

Coated paper is commonly used for leaflets and flyers.

We use FSC certified stocks.

What is a Laminate?

A laminate is a thin, transparent, plastic sheet that is applied as a coating to printed items. They prevent solid blocks of ink from cracking, as well as offering additional protection against wear and tear, and spills. Laminations can be single or double sided, and are recommended for use on thicker paper stocks and items intended for regular use, such as book covers, postcards, and business cards.


Types of Laminations


A matt lamination adds depth to your designs.



A Gloss lamination adds vibrancy to colours.


Soft Touch

A Soft Touch lamination offers a luxurious finish.

What is uncoated paper?

Uncoated paper does not have a coating. It can be written on, and overprinted, so is commonly used for letterheads and compliment slips. Uncoated paper is also referred to as bond or offset paper.

Uncoated paper compares to coated paper, which is made with a coating, such as gloss or silk.

We use FSC certified stocks

What does self-cover mean?

Self-cover is when the cover of a booklet uses the same paper as the inside pages.

What is a hickey?

Hickeys are spots or imperfections on a print job that are caused by dirt on the press, dried ink skin or paper particles etc.

What Artwork Services do you offer?

We offer three different Artwork Services: Just Print, File Check and File Assist.

  • Just Print is our free option where your print ready PDF will be printed as supplied. We recommend this service only to individuals who fully understand our print ready requirements, who are completely confident that their PDF files have been supplied correctly.

  • File Check is a safety net option, where the print ready files are double checked by our Pre Press team before being sent for printing. Prices start at £5.00 + VAT. You can also order a PDF Proof for an additional £8 + VAT.

  • File Assist turns any finished design into a print ready PDF and includes a PDF Proof. Prices start at £25 + VAT.

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