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The most useful item of printed stationery is letterheads. A standard sheet of letterhead paper can be adapted for most of your stationery needs: it can be used for an invoice or statement as well. Business letterhead designs should be relatively conventional, for good reasons. Its function is to explain from whom and from where it has been sent (which is printed),and to whom (information which must be typed on to each letter). It should include any reference information which might be required by law, plus any other usefull information. The name and address of the sender is usually printed at the very top of the page, with any reference material - telephone the recipient is expecting and fax numbers website address, for instance - underneath. information such as company directors or affiliated organizations are normally in a smaller type size at the bottom of the paper. Even if you do adhere to this basic order, there are many different ways in which to organize these various elements.

Our full colour letterheads are printed onto our premium 120gsm uncoated laser paper or our 100gsm white FSC certified bond paper 
available in A5 and A4 sizes single or double sided. Spot colour stationery also available choose one two or more pantone colours.


This is a adocument which usually accompanies goods or information the recipient is expecting because of some prior arrangement. The slip can have a short message written on it or just a signature, or it can even be sent blank. You can simply repeat the letterhead design on the compliment slip. It is not necessary to include the subsidiary information such as directors or registerd office, since this is a relativeley informal communication. The only new information to include is the words, 'with compliments'. If you separate these words out from the rest of the copy, 
as is the usual practice, they are isolated in a relatively large area. This is enough to highlight them.

Our full colour compliment slips are printed onto our premium 120gsm uncoated laser paper or our 100gsm white FSC certified bond paper
and available in DL size either single sided or double sided. Spot colour stationery also available choose one two or more pantone colours.


Normally business cards follow the style, colour and image established earlier in the creation of the letterheads. The size and shape of most business cards conform to restrictions such as pocket or wallet sizes, and they are normally required to be about the size of the standard credit card 85mm x 55mm so that they are not destroyed because they are inconvenient to carry around or keep.

Our Premium Business Cards are printed Full Colour and Double Sided onto a luxury Silk Artboard. They are 400gsm and printed Lithographically for superior printing quality.The Printing spec is as follows:- •Full Colour and Double Sided •400gsm Silk Artboard •Luxury Quality printed lithographically •85mm x 55mm We also offer the following business card options, Matt Laminated business cards, Gloss Laminated business cards, Spot UV Varnish business cards, Uncoated business cards, Square business cards, Round Cornered business cards, Hot Foil business cards or Embossed and Debossed business cards.


Are another alternative to business cards they offer compelling advantages over 'traditional' marketing. They do not need to tell the entire story, they simply need to 'tweak the interest'. Brochure and business card all in one, available in two flat formats; Double Business Card size (Portrait or Landscape) or Triple Business Card (Portrait or Landscape). Folded finished size of 85mm x 55mm at the point of use.

Our Mini Brochures can be printed on 350gsm art board in full colour both sides. Matt laminated both sides & scored for folding.
Or 250gsm silk board printed full colour both sides without lamination. They all come with our special retaining flap.


This is another very useful item of stationery, which can serve the same purpose as a compliment slip, but which has the added advantage that it does not need an envelope.

We can provide you with high quality, silk, full colour postcards printed on our premium 350gsm card. Our postcards are available in both single and double sided format. We can print your postcards in full colour on A5, A6 and DL size.


Initially, the poster must communicate in an extremely direct way, in order to attract attention. The amount of information to be carried may vary from very little to a great deal, but in all cases the impact of the poster must be established at first glance. Most of the time the audience coming into contact with a poster does so accidentally, and, depending on the effectiveness of the design, will either notice it, or remain unaware of the information it contains.

A3 or A2 Litho Attention grabbing posters, when size really does matter. All our litho posters are printed in full colour on FSC certified material.
We only use environmentally friendly material, so you know that your job has been printed using sustainable sources. Choice of 130gsm or 170gsm FSC certified Silk or Gloss. Digital large format printed posters are also available on 190gsm photo satin paper.Sizes A0 A1 A2 60X40.


Like stationery and cards, booklets and brochures are usually read at no more than arm's length. This means that the size of type, line length and illustrations are governed by what can be seen comfortably at that distance. Brochures and booklets differ from stationery and cards, however, in that they are made up of a number of pages, all of the same size. Even though the pages inside may carry different types of information, each one cannot be designed entirely separately-they must be designed around a common system, so that when all the pages are assembled together a sense of unity exists. The cover is the first part of your brochure or booklet that the potential reader will see and, as such, is fulfilling a similar role to that of a poster. The function of the cover is to attract attention. Therefore the information it contains
must be considered in a very different way from the information included inside the publication. The cover must be sufficiently engaging to interest people and to prompt them to pick it up and look through it.

We can provide you with glossy full colour booklets and brochures printed using high quality 130gsm or 150gsm paper. A4 & A5 booklets and brochures are available with 8 to 64 pages - including the cover. If you would like a heavier 300gsm cover we can also arrange this for you.
Our booklet and brochure printing is suitable for all promotional and business requirements. Many of our customers order booklets and brochures for all kinds of promotions such as; product brochures, sales booklets, newsletters, and company magazines.



A Presentation folder is a kind of folder that holds loose papers or documents together for organization and protection. Presentation folders usually consist of a sheet of heavy paper stock or other thin, but stiff, material which is folded in half with pockets in order to keep paper documents. Presentation folders function much like that of a file folder for organizational purposes. They can be either printed or plain and can be used, amongst other things, as a tool for business presentations to customers to aid in the sales process. Uses of Presentation Folders come in many different styles to suit a variety of purposes. Most all are produced by a company to provide marketing for a product (business) and/or service, but they can fulfil other functions. A few examples would be a company producing a new product and wanted to show their customers all the benefits of that product in an organized fashion, or folders used to organise documents for distribution to delegates at a conference.

Custom printed Presentation folders, present yourself and your company with pride. Our custom printed folders will create the right professional image when distributing your marketing literature. Folder printing is a speciality of ours. With sheet sizes well suited to our presses and our range of ready to use cut