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1 Chalkstar A-Board, 968mm High x 670mm Wide. 

Add a pack of 3 Large White Chalk Pens + £18 OPTION.

  • For a customer that wants a lower cost chalk A-Board solution. 
  • Double sided 578 x 775mm display area.
  • Painted MDF panels suitable for traditional chalk and chalk pens.
  • High quality brass screws, hinges and chains for added strength.
  • Rubber stand-off feet for grip and stability.
  • Traditional wood frame with antique finish and full lacquer for excellent outdoor performance
  • Frame size: 968mm H x 670mm W x 625 D

    Top tip: Always position the a-frame on a flat even surface. 


Delivery: UK FREE 


VAT: Prices are +VAT

1 Chalkstar A-Board, 968mm H x 670mm W, 775mm x 578mm. Display area.

  • A simple, stylish and stable wooden A-Board. Traditional wooden frame with an antique finish. Plus 1 pack of large white chalk pens + £18 option.

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