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Custom Greeting / Invitation / Moving Cards.

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Make an Impression

It's the personal touches that count, and nothing has more of an impact than a personalised greeting card. Perfect for sending Christmas cards or birthday cards, but also a creative way to tell customers and suppliers of a change of address, contact details or even a corporate rebrand or event invite!

Our 350gsm or 400gsm Art Board Silk Cards not only look but feel great. Professionally creased, you can choose from A6 to A4 sizes, with DL and square options too. The optional high gloss laminate provides a sheen that makes your card sparkle to create a truly memorable experience.

Greeting Cards are printed double-sided. They arrive flat and creased, ready for folding and are supplied with free of charge envelopes for easy assembly and posting. These 100gsm gummed, white envelopes are provided at the correct size for your card.

At Angel Design and Print we are experts in printing greeting cards. With high-quality, perfectly-printed greeting cards, you will leave a lasting impression with the recipient. Whether a greeting card or an invitation, personalised greeting cards designed by you are great for customers, business associates and staff as well as your nearest and dearest.

Emails are very soon deleted because they lack emotion and you can’t touch them. Not only are greeting cards personal but they’re decorative too. Many customers put their Christmas cards on their desk or on a pin-wall. So that your greeting cards are well received, we can arrange first-rate printing and outstanding designs for your cards at Angel Design and Print.

Greeting cards for every occasion

Personalised greeting cards can be ordered from our print shop in small runs of only 25 and up to very large runs of 200,000. That makes printing custom greeting cards as perfect for small events such as company parties as for commercial greeting card vendors with a large retail distribution. Professionally printed greeting cards by Angel Design and Print can be used in many different ways to make a positive and lasting impression on your customers, business associates, staff or guests. A few examples:

  • Christmas cards

  • Birthday cards

  • Wedding invitations, anniversaries or company events

  • Personalised thank-you cards

  • Branded company cards for every occasion

  • Event invitations

Need Help?

 If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call our design team on 01580 752943 who will be more than willing to help.

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