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  • VAT: Prices are + VAT

  • Delivery: UK FREE Please allow 6 working days for NOTEPADS & 9 for Desk Pads.  



Reinforce brand identity with personalised Notepads. These office essentials are available in either 80gsm or 90gsm uncoated White Paper or 80gsm RECYCLED.

  • From A7 to A4

  • Sheets per pad 25 / 50 / 100 / 200 Call for prices.

  • With spiral or glue binding

  • Available with recycled or natural paper

Ideal for

  • Personal and meeting notes

  • Gifts for customers and applicants

  • Business stationery for your employees

  • Taking notes at exhibitions or trade shows

  • Materials for training seminars

Using industry leading lithographic printing techniques, Notepad printing from Angel Design & Print is sure to help any business stand out from the crowd.

Stay front of mind of your customers with our range of printed NOTEPADS.  These handy items are found on most desks, and you can personalise them with your branding, calendars and lined sections.  Ideal for sending to your customers and for employee use.


Just like a notepad or a jotter, DESK PADS are a very good and above all long-lasting promotional gift. Printed with a calendar and several individual sheets, desk pads can be used throughout the year. Notes can quickly be made on the large area of paper while you're working at the computer or making a phone call and then dealt with later on.

  • printed with a meaningful company logo

  • visually enhanced with a wide range of colours and designs

  • available in various print run sizes

  • the individual pages can have advertising messages and pictures printed on them

We print desk pads in A3 size or A2 on 80gsm or 90gsm paper with a classic sizing of the top sheets. Logos, graphics and advertising messages can all be printed in any position. 

A grey cardboard back is applied to 25 sheet pads as well as 50 sheet pads and ensures stability. This largely prevents the desk pad from slipping and protects the furniture underneath.

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