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VAT: Prices are plus VAT.

Delivery: UK FREE.

Please allow up to 6 days for delivery of TEXTURED BUSINESS CARDS.


Make your customers feel good with our textured business cards. Choose from 3 exciting and different textures. Available as a square or a rectangle, no-one will want to put these cards down.  


250gsm Rives Shetland: This paper is cool white in appearance and has an uneven pattern which is representative of a woollen fabric. Use for minimal designs where you want the texture to be the focal point.

350gsm Rives Dot: This is a slightly more subtle pattern. A simple, geometric arrangement of evenly spaced dots which appear sunken in to the paper. Use for designs that have solid blocks of colour that you want to enhance with texture.

350gsm Rives Tweed: This paper gives the impression of fabric with a woven effect that runs in uniform diagonal lines. This is ideal for adding depth but the pattern is not so overpowering so as not to obscure any printed information. Use for simple understated designs that need an extra edge.

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